Born from a need to push the limits of conventional watersports, JETSURF is devoted to the development and design of the best motorized surfboards in the world. While lacking a coast, the Czech Republic offers highly qualified, technical expertise in hydro-mechanical engineering and no shortage of enthusiastic riders who have aided in the astounding success of this small firm.

From humble beginnings in a tiny workshop, JETSURF is now the world leader in producing the fastest, lightest, and most dynamic crafts for this unique and fast-growing sport. JETSURF has also contributed to the world of watersports since 2012, organizing MotoSurf GP events. Seeing the series grow, it has been known as MotoSurf WorldCup since 2015. Registering over 15 nationalities and 60 riders from all around the world, MotoSurf WorldCup became a member of UIM -- Union Internationale Motonautique.

Now proudly employing a full-time team of engineers, mechanics, and support staff, JETSURF maintains a constant regime of quality control, testing and enhancements to keep well ahead of the curve. JETSURF is proud of minimal outsourcing and using the maximum potential of all factory departments to keep the production independent as much as possible.


Designed and produced from the ground up, MSR is one of the very few companies today which continue to manufacture the parts and components of their product themselves. The factory equipped with its own carbon fibre production, casting, metal working, testing facilities and graphic design, JETSURF Factory can make it all under one roof, control the quality and provide the best of the best.


MSR Engines – established in 1994 has always dedicated its focus to develop high powered, light weight combustion engines for racing purposes. Using the wide knowledge from various fields of motorsports – JETSURF - craft unlike any other, was born. 


The driving force behind comes from partnerships with many race winning teams such as:

  • KTM – development of Hybrid Two-stroke Motor Drive – K.E.R.S.
  • RED BULL ROOKIE´S CUP – design and development of engines for Jakub Kornfeil, cup winning team 2009.
  • FORMULA BMW – development of the K.E.R.S. system.
  • REDBULL AIR RACE – RedBull Šonka Team aircraft development